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In which way 2 the director of the Zoo said that the animals 1 that the children fed t 1 t 2 were from Africa d. Process and Materials Overview: They differ from Chinese relative clauses, which precede their heads and are closed by the - de particle. make paper dolls holding hands The agreement in Comp strategy takes place in a large number of extraction contexts, even in the case of extractions out of relative clauses.

Mario is the guy who cuts my hair every month. At this point of the investigation I do not have evidence to decide which is the best alternative. online essay proofreading quora Describe the problem you are having in as much detail as possible:

Although quando is in a specifier position of the embedded COMP system, it does not have a referential index to turn COMP into a proper governor for traces. Probably we could say that the subject extraction in this sentence is a case of long distance binding in terms of its interpretation and having a referential index suffices for a COMP to be a proper head licenser of the trace. what are good essay writing service custom Kato proposes an insightful analysis for relative clauses in BP. Which student 1 you do not know when 2 t 1 is going to hand in the paper t 2.

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However, some further remarks about the data in regard to extraction out of relative clauses is in order. Articles in Periodicals Reference List: The same proposal made for the cases of extraction out of WH-islands applies here in regard to being the WH-phrase establishing the predication relation with the whole clause the one to transfer the referential features that renders the embedded clause a proper governor for traces. Help with paraphrasing relative clauses We got a lot of fancy cadillacs f don't tip. However, an asymmetry shows up when we try to extract out of WH-complement clauses:

Describe the problem you are having in as much detail as possible: However, an asymmetry shows up when we try to extract out of WH-complement clauses: The claim that the unacceptability of 24 comes from the fact that the eventuality corresponding to the consequence should be the closing sequence eventuality is related to one of the properties proposed by McCawley to characterize a third type of relative clauses:

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Zubizarreta claimed that agreement in Comp is the process taking place in European Portuguese when subject WH-phrases are extracted out of non-factive complement clauses. Drafting Your Statement Statements of Purpose: We'll meet at Christmas. what is related literature in thesis writing The sentences in 27 , McCawley's 34a and 35a , show the contrast between extraction out of a restrictive relative 27a and extraction out of a pseudo-relative 27b:.

Sentence 16 is an example in which the head of the relative clause is in the object position of the matrix clause and is anaphorically related to the object of the relative clause. It is time now to address the second question raised in the introduction of this paper, namely, where do WH-Phrases move to? The Literature and the BP Data Asymmetries of the kind observed in the BP data have been dealt with under the Generative framework by a principle that regulates the licensing of empty categories resulting from movement traces , namely, the Empty Category Principle ECP.

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One of the ways by which Generative Theory captures the observation that a certain phrase may exhibit behavior compatible with two different syntactic positions is by assuming movement of the phrase in question from one to the other position involved. To account for the data regarding subject extractions in BP two assumptions have to be made. Help with paraphrasing relative clauses Style Graduate Writing Workshops: The problem seems to be the grammaticality of subject extractions out of that -complement clauses and WH-islands.

What is unexpected, as far as I know, is the asymmetry between subject extraction versus object extraction out of relative clauses. The extraction pattern showed in the BP data described above may be explained in part by the principles of the theory as already proposed for other languages. Help with paraphrasing relative clauses The possibility of having an overt complementizer que 'that' occupying the head position of CP renders visible the predication relationship between the WH-phrase and the sentence transformed into a predicate by the operation of que:. Nevertheless, this generalization does not seem to hold in sentences It is the trace of the subject moved WH-phrase that gives its index to COMP turning it into a proper governor for the trace in subject position.

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